Consult remotely without losing quality

The attending physician next to the patient will help you with this
Remote consultation is performed with the presence of a doctor next to the patient
It is a consilium of a consulting doctor and an attending physician on the patient's disease.
How the consultation works
The patient or the attending physician leaves a request on the website
We contact the patient and/or the physician to specify the details and check the availability of medical test results. If necessary, we help the patient find a doctor in their city.
We make arrangements with the consulting doctor
We clarify the availability and set the time of the consultation and coordinate it with the patient and the attending physician. If necessary, the consulting doctor will suggest additional medical tests.
The patient uploads the medical records and pays for the consultation
Medical records and additional materials have to be uploaded to the website. Payment is made by credit card.
We organize the video conference
The patient, together with the attending physician, is connected to a video conference with the consulting doctor at the arranged time.
The patient receives the results of the consultation
We ask the consulting doctor to write a brief summary and recommendations to the attending physician following the consultation.
You are the one setting the consultation cost
In addition to the consultation cost, physician's commission as well as our commission will be added to form the final price

Julia Khamidullina
Dmitrii Lopushov
Ruslan Zaitsev
Orthopedic traumatologist
Mikhail Burmistrov
Thoracic surgeon, oncologist
Since 2008, we have been training medical personnel in accordance with international standards, making high-tech medical care more accessible.
"Consilium is a unique project which allows doctors to consult with experts, exchange experiences and find solutions to particular cases. This allows our patients to get high quality medical care anywhere in the world."

Leonid Galinsky
What cases can I be consulted on?
Consultations are made on atypical or complex cases in which a second opinion or the participation of a highly specialized and qualified doctor may be required. The participation of several doctors of different specializations is also available.
What if additional materials and medical records are required for the consultation?
If before the consultation, you already assume that you need medical test results, you can request them. We will inquire what is available from the patient and give it to you. If without the consultation it is clear that additional research is needed, then we will ask the patient to provide it. If it is difficult to make such an assumption and the need for research will become evident only after the consultation, you can assign certain medical tests during the consultation and then conduct another consultation, taking into account the new information.
What if the remote consultation is not possible?
Remote consultations in our service are carried out only with the presence of the attending physician on the patient's side. This allows the consulting doctor to get comprehensive information about the patient's illness in a professional medical language as well as the opportunity to carry out the necessary tests with the aid of the attending physician during the consultation and receive professional feedback. This approach guarantees the high efficiency of remote consultation, and therefore treatment.
How can I receive my payment?
The "Consilium" service signs a contract with a doctor for the provision of counseling services. The doctor can act as an individual, a self-employed or a sole proprietor. If the doctor acts as an individual , then the civil contract is signed, and our service additionally pays income tax and social contributions from the part of the doctor.
Who sets the consultation cost?
The cost of the consultation on the website is set by the service. It consists of the price approved by the consulting doctor, the remuneration of the attending physician and the commission taken by the service

What part of the cost of consultation on the website will I receive?
The amount paid by the patient is distributed between the consulting doctor, the attending physician, and the "Consilium" service. The commission taken by the service is 30% of the cost of the consultation. The attending physician receives from 500 to 2000 rubles, depending on the cost of the consultation. The remainder is received by the consulting doctor.

The cost correlates with the complexity of the disease and consultation which affects the preparation for consultation by the attending physician. The attending physician receives payment for the preparation for the consultation, collecting and processing necessary data and for possible communication with the consulting doctor outside the consultation itself. The services of the attending physician for directly participating in the consultation can be additionally paid for within the framework of the medical organisation on the territory of which the doctor works and receives the patient.

What equipment is required for the consultation?
To participate in a remote consultation you need a computer, a tablet or a phone with a camera, a microphone and Internet connection.

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