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orthopedic traumatologist

Arkadii Kalintsev

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Orthopedic Traumatologist

Category/ Scientific Degree / Title
Doctor of the highest category


Belaya Kalitva

Rostov State Medical University, Traumatology and Orthopedics, 2009


  • "Central District Hospital of the Millerovsky District", intern-doctor, 2009 — 2010
  • "Central District Hospital Millerovskogo area", orthopedic trauma surgeon, 2010 — 2012
  • Belokalitvinsky district "Clinical Republican Hospital", orthopedic surgeon, 2012 — 2018
  • Belokalitvinsky district "Clinical Republican Hospital", Head of the trauma and orthopedic office, 2012 — 2018

Main areas of work
Head of the trauma and orthopedic office to provide round-the-clock emergency assistance to the population
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