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Alexei Bogdashkin

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Surgeon, Proctologist 

Category/ Scientific Degree / Title
Doctor of the highest category


  • St. Petersburg Pediatric Medical Academy, pediatrics, 2006
  • Academy of Postgraduate Education, Surgery,  2007


  • St. Petersburg, Sestroretsk, City Hospital No. 40, surgeon, 2006 — 2018
  • "Ekaterinskaya Clinic Sochi" LLC , Sochi, surgeon-coloproctologist, 2019 — 2020

Main areas of work
  • Consultation of patients and surgical interventions in patients with proctologic diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fissure, acute and chronic paraproctitis, epithelial coccygeal passage, genital warts of the anus, polyps of the rectum and colon, etc.)
  • Operations using minimally invasive technologies: sclerosis, ligation of hemorrhoids, laser hemorrhoidoplasty
  • HAL-RAR deserterization of hemorrhoids with mucopexy
  • Surgical interventions using laser technologies (CO2 laser, diode laser), removal of benign lesions on the skin, anal and perianal regions, treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures using modern scientific and technological achievements
  • Diagnosis and treatment of surgical pathology, manipulations under ultrasound navigation, treatment of benign neoplasms
  • Removal / excision of nevi, papillomas, atheromas, lipomas, keratomas, hemangiomas using electrosurgical, laser, reconstructive-plastic surgical techniques
  • Hernia repair of an inguinal, umbilical hernia, white line and ventral hernia with plastic allograft
  • Surgical treatment of breast fibroadenoma, periareolar access with an intradermal cosmetic suture
  • Purulent surgery (abscesses, fistulas, boils, phlegmon)
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