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Stefan Lorenzl

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Neurodegenerative diseases

Category/ Scientific Degree / Title
  • PhD in medicine 
  • Professor
  • Director of the Institute of Neurology and Palliative Medicine of the Bavarian Clinic Agatarid


Main areas of work

  • Parkinson's disease and its rare forms, such as PNP (Progressive supranuclear palsy, primary progressive aphasia, etc.)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diseases of motor neurons (in particular ALS)

Scientific activity 
  • Member of the Board of the German Society of Neurology
  • Member of the Board of Experts of Palliative Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Bavaria
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the Society for the Study of PNP (Progressive supranuclear palsy) and atypical Parkinson's syndromes
  • Author of scientific works in neurology
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