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Dmitriy Dunin

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Neurologist, epileptologist, reflexologist

Category/ Scientific Degree / Title
  • Second qualification category
  • PhD in medicine 




Kazan State Medical University, 2007

For 13 years has been working as a neurologist, for 4 years - a graduate student, then an assistant at the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation of KSMU.

Main areas of work
  • Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment (including the selection of drugs) of diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, paroxysmal conditions (epilepsy).
  • Has experience in the application of interventional medicine techniques (impact on trigger points) and traditional Chinese medicine (reflexology) for the conservative treatment of patients with vertebrogenic pain syndrome.
  • His area of ​​interest includes anomalies of the craniovertebral transition as well as the treatment of epilepsy.
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