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Vasiliy Belkov

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Orthopedic traumatologist # nbsp;

Category/ Scientific Degree / Title
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Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy of Roszdrav, general business, 2010


  • Regional Clinical Hospital №3, Chelyabinsk, Department of Traumatology-orthopedics №2, intern-doctor, 2010 — 2011
  • Regional Clinical Hospital №3, Chelyabinsk, Dep. of Traumatology-orthopedics №2, orthopedic trauma surgeon, 2011 — 2015
  • Regional Clinical Hospital №3, Chelyabinsk, Dep. of Traumatology-orthopedics №2, doctor traumatologist-orthopedist (attendant), since 2015
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 1, Chelyabinsk, Dep. of Emergency traumatology-orthopedics, orthopedic traumatologist (on-duty), 2014 — 2018 # nbsp;
  • MK "EF EM SI" (clinic) LLC, Chelyabinsk, orthopedic and traumatologist, since 2014
  • MK "EF EM SI" (clinic) LLC, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, orthopedic traumatologist, since 2015
  • Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Chelyabinsk, Dep. of Traumatology-orthopedics No. 2, orthopedic traumatologist (attendant), since 2018

Main areas of work
  • Surgical treatment of forefoot static deformity
  • Arthroscopy and conservative treatment of injuries and diseases of the knee and shoulder joints
  • knee arthroplasty GENESIS II
  • Primary endoprosthetics for TBS in fractures of the neck of the nucleus and coxarthrosis of various etiologies

Scientific activity 
  • Participation in the Regional Conference of Orthopedic Traumatologists SRO NP "Association of Orthopedic Traumatologists of the Chelyabinsk Region"
  • Spoke at the AO FAS congress on the treatment of the rigid toe
  • Printed article on the treatment of flat-valgus deformity of the foot in combination with valgus deformity of one finger
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